About the National R3 Clearinghouse

Information sharing and inter-organizational cooperation are hallmarks of successful large-scale strategic initiatives. A clearinghouse mechanism serves as the conduit to facilitate access to data, create transparency and to point up factors relevant to implementation of a convention. It is a decentralized needs-oriented system that assists decision-making and improves coordination. Key elements of a clearinghouse include information exchange, cooperation, network development, transparency, and the availability of national, regional, and local data. The development of a clearinghouse minimizes duplication of effort and fosters cooperative activities. By promoting the availability, quality, and requirements for digital data through a searchable online system, the mechanism greatly assists in coordination of data collection and research activities.

The goal of this group was to utilize a tactical approach to develop and implement an R3 Clearinghouse for hunting, recreational target shooting, angling, boating, and other outdoor recreation materials to improve information sharing, communication, and cooperation among states, industry, and organizations. The need for a central repository of information has long been sought after in the R3 community. This group determined the process by which this platform would be created, developed a list of needs, distributed a request for information from several site-development companies, and selected Bynder as the host site based on cost, available features, and timeline.

A phased approach was designed for this project where Phase 1 included building the platform with existing resources; Phase 2 ensured the ability to submit and upload content, and use a search function by keyword and topic; and Phase 3 would be monitoring and updating content. Through 12 weeks of personalized support from Bynder, the National R3 Clearinghouse was developed with the following features:

  • Open access uploading and downloading
  • R3 Organizational collections
  • Password-protected information not accessible through open access
  • Search by enriched text, which allows identification of text in .pdf and text document formats
  • Search by filters
  • Search by R3 topic
  • Links to other resources like video platforms and websites

Due to the high volume of content intended to be included in the R3 Clearinghouse, a schedule was created to solicit and document different materials by topic through the following seven months.